What makes a perfect rosé region?


Rosé wines hold so many admirable qualities – a pretty color, versatility, and a promise of a perfect summer. Even wines made in a sweeter lollipop fashion (not my favorite) bring back tender memories of carefree times and girly giggles.

When I think of rosé, two places immediately spring to my mind: the cote d’azure, blue skies and lavender fields of Provence, and majestic chateaux along the Loire river in Anjou. Yet, delicious rosés are now made everywhere: from Australia to Eastern Europe and to the US, in a wide variety of styles and colors.

But is there such a thing as a perfect rosé region? If yes, what sets it apart from other places?

My guest post for ‘Women for Wine Sense’, an education and networking organization for wine aficionados and industry professionals, explores.